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Vale Troy Evans – NZMPA

As many of you will no doubt be aware, NZMPA member Troy Evans has lost his fight with Parkinson disease and crossed the bar just after Christmas.

Troy was instrumental in making our work as pilots safer, particularly in the area of pilot ladder safety where amongst other things he carried out destructive testing of pilot ladders at intermediate lengths to gain data in regard to breaking strain limits of the ladders.

Even though Troy was aware of his own mortality he was passionate about this work and was working on pilot ladder safety up until just hours before he crossed the bar.

The industry owes Troy (and his wife Marilyn who was of great assistance in answering emails and exchanging information) a debt of gratitude for the work that he undertook as it will leave a legacy that will be used by pilots not only today but into the future as well.

RIP Troy

Peter Dann

AMPI President



Covid-19 advice to AMPI members

Covid-19 advice to AMPI Members

Dear Members,

We have all been inundated with COVID19 communications from all manner of sources in the last few weeks.  There has also been no shortage of generic advice from health departments across Australia. 

As each State, employer and jurisdiction come up with a plethora of COVID19 responses, AMPI thought that it was time that some targeted and practical advice to Marine Pilots was produced, to help Marine Pilots on an individual level understand the basics of viral transmission in the pilotage environment, and how best to protect themselves from infection.

The attached document has been written by one of our member marine pilots in consultation with a Master Mariner who also holds a microbiology degree.  It has been medically corroborated by an occupational physician (Dr Maurice Harden) and endorsed by a triage nurse currently working on the COVID19 frontline. 

Without wanting to delve too deeply into medical and microbiological science, the information is designed to shine some light on the fundamentals of viral transmission and debunk some widely held misconceptions.  There is no doubt this virus is highly transmittable but with sensible precautions we can prevent ourselves becoming infected and more importantly, prevent further transmission.

Captain Peter Dann


Australasian Marine Pilots Institute

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Welcome to AMPI

The Australasian Marine Pilots Institute is the professional body representing marine pilots throughout Australasia. It assists in the setting of standards, safety management and provides support and guidance with ongoing professional development.

AMPI provides advice to regulators on how to improve operational safety in our ports, and ensures that member pilots and their organisations continue to lead in world’s best practice. Together with its partners, AMPI has developed a set of training standards for both initial and continual training for pilots. As a partner of the International Marine Pilots Association, AMPI also has input into all important decisions made by the International Maritime Organisation.

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Services to Pilots

AMPI gives professional representation to Marine Pilotage throughout Australasia. It is the pilotage industry’s voice, representing pilots and pilotage at both state and national levels.

Services to Industry

AMPI strives to engage all stakeholders in pilotage to ensure that the service being provided is meeting their requirements and that safety and efficiency standards exceed their expectations. 

A big thank you to all of the AMPI members who contributed to the Annual IMPA Pilot Ladder Safety Survey for 2020. Please click on the adjoining photo to see the results.


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