Setting Sail for Change: AMPI Members to Chart New Waters at IMO International Women in Maritime Day 2024

In an exciting step towards gender equality and industry advancement, the Australian Marine Pilots Institute (AMPI) proudly announces its collaboration with International Maritime Pilots Association (IMPA), Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA), Woodside, Pilbara Ports, Integral Maritime, Fremantle Pilots, and Port Phillip Sea Pilots, to send its members, Capt. Gemma Capone and Caitlin Garrett, to the […]

Captain Sangmin Goag

It is with deep sadness that AMPI recently learned of the loss of Captain Sangmin Goag. Captain Sangmin was one of our great presenters at the 2023 Asia-Pacific Ports & Pilotage Conference in Perth, Western Australia. A benevolent and altruistic gentleman, who was admired by everyone. Captain Sangmin was an extraordinary person, who left an […]

MV Dali – Bridge allision in Baltimore MD

The Australasian Marine Pilots Institute (AMPI) is the peak professional body representing marine pilots throughout Australia and Papua New Guinea. AMPI advocates for the highest standards of safety in pilotage training, licensing, procedures, and equipment. We do this via Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programs, industry-leading Conferences, publishing Codes of Best Practice, active engagement with Regulators […]

IMPA IMO Seminar

Our colleagues at the International Maritime Pilots Association will host a seminar at the International Maritime Organization headquarters on Tuesday, 1st November 2022.

Pilot Boarding Safety Alert

Parted Manropes

Due to the recurrent pilot ladder incidents involving side ropes and man ropes parting in service, AMPI is urging members to review their pilot boarding procedures and would like to draw stakeholders’ attention.