Why Join AMPI?

Like any professional organisation, AMPI requires a sound membership base and volunteers to operate effectively. AMPI is only as good as its membership.
While members are entitled to expect us to advocate the professional interests of pilots, AMPI relies on its members to give us direction. The Executive recognises that strong membership is the key to the success of AMPI, and will enable us to continue to be a respected voice in the Maritime industry.

We are often asked by pilots, “…what do I get for my AMPI membership?” To answer this question, we point to the following:

  • As an AMPI member you are part of an association that has the professional interests of marine pilots as its number one priority, working with other industry stakeholders, domestically and internationally, to ensure high standards are maintained in our profession.
  • As a member of AMPI you automatically become a member of IMPA. AMPI has strong representation at the highest level in IMPA which can lead to changes industry wide.
  • An AMPI executive member is currently representing IMPA at the ISO committee, revising ISO 799:2004 Pilot Ladder standards.
  • All AMPI members currently benefit from the recently revised IMO standards for rigging pilot ladders which was influenced largely by submissions from AMPI.
  • AMPI has a good relationship with AMSA with mutual support with many endeavours to improve marine pilot safety.
  • As the nationally recognised professional body, AMPI is able to develop best practice policies, set national standards, and influence international standards, on relevant aspects of pilotage. For example, PPU operations, pilot ladder hull magnets, helicopter hatch access, pilot boat design, competition in pilotage, pilot training (initial and ongoing), simulator use, PPE requirements, etc
  • With its vast pool of maritime knowledge and experience, AMPI, with members input, has the ability to provide expert advice to industry on all pilotage related matters and many port operations and design issues.
  • AMPI has developed an online Continuous Professional Development (CPD) program, available to any pilotage jurisdiction that wish to participate. This program was developed to enable all pilots to be able to maintain minimum standards in all aspects of training that are relevant to pilotage.
  • AMPI is host to the Pilot Training Advisory Board. This board is represented by many industry organisations and considers current and future issues relevant to pilot recruitment and training.
  • AMPI has a peer support program available to all pilots. This program is supported by psychologists that understand our industry and are independent of any employers. A number of pilots from around Australia have undergone Peer Support training to enable them to further assist pilots at a local level.
  • AMPI conduct workshops and conferences every year at various ports around the country that are organised by local AMPI members. These workshops are reasonably priced thanks to industry sponsorship. At these multi day events industry stakeholders and pilots hear from a variety of speakers that are experts in their field, enabling participants to keep up with industry trends and network with stakeholders.
  • AMPI has also hosted two major international Pilotage and Port Logistics Conferences and one IMPA Congress. These major events have attracted stakeholders and decision makers at the highest international level and are an opportunity maintain the high profile of our profession while listening to the challenges of other stakeholders.
  • AMPI members are entitled to discounts for registration at our workshops and conferences.
  • The AMPI website ampi.org.au is becoming a valuable tool for members to stay connected with the Institute and have their say on any issues that concern them. The website is still being developed but currently contains:
    • Information on workshops and conferences
    • Papers from workshops and conferences
    • Incident reports
    • AMPI position papers
    • Access to the CPD program
    • IMPA notices
    • Memberships forms
  • AMPI has a social media presence, members can stay connected with the AMPI Facebook page.
  • Safe Passage is AMPI’s quarterly magazine which includes news, views and articles on pilotage, shipping and port related topics, member input is most welcome.
  • AMPI membership, as a professional organisation, may be tax deductable.
  • An AMPI membership enables pilots to feel connected with a group of likeminded professionals and perhaps stay in touch with old shipmates and meet new ones.
  • As an AMPI member you are represented by an enthusiastic executive who commit considerable time and energy to the profession.

We need your support enable us to maintain the momentum.